Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sissies head to head...

Mistress has directed me to give my account of today...
Ever since Mistress had told me just over a week ago that i would be visiting the house again i  have been on tenterhooks. Work was a welcome distraction but the closer today came…the more the tension rose…a nervous tension.
Mistress Linda is something else… Her emails, texts and calls directing me each day on what to wear and what to do were having a profound effect… i never realised quite how sub i was until i came under Her spell…and now I was to meet Her on her home ground, with hubwife in attendance. She had chuckled as She told me the plan adding “lets see if we can have a little fun with you two sissies”. I blushed as my imagination ran riot..but was aware that my heart was racing and my little clitty cage becoming tighter.
It was just over a month now in chastity, and daily I had glanced at the security-tagged locked keys half wishing to break them open…but as the days went by.. i just let her take over. My daily posts added to the effect and grabbing my little carrier bag with a week’s worth of panties and a pair of heels as instructed, I stepped from the car in Her drive and approached the front door.

The door was opened..gingerly…and then a rather furtive hubwife ushered me in and took the bag of panties, welcoming me and giving me a girly hug…I think we both blushed.  It was evident why she had been furtive in opening the door. Hub wife was naked, but for high heels and a white starched apron, with delicate frills around it…tied neatly at the back with a big bow! It was not quite long enough to hide the tip of her own chastity device that peeked cheekily out, potentially, for all to see.

“Mistress will be back soon and we have work to do beccy” ..and with that she handed me an apron similar to hers, and said “i think you can guess the rest!” she handed me my heels out of the bag and continued “leave your clothes on the chair and lets get these panties washed.. follow the noise of the radio – i will be there washing these and Miss Amy’s”, and off she trotted, her big bow swaying and her white cheeks looking so naughty! I stripped, observing myself in the large mirror by the door, put on the apron, trying to cover my chastity cage (unsuccessfully), slipped on my heels..and headed off to join hubwife wondering what on earth I was doing..but loving it..

She had already washed Miss Amy’s which she was removing from a rolled towel and draping over a wooden drying rack, purposefully, reverently and delicately. The double sink was useful and we now stood side by side leaning in washing panties: hubwife washing mine…and me washing Mistress’s and hub wife’s…and what beautiful panties Her’s were.. soft and delicate, some diaphanous, some more substantial, but all spoke “class”.. and were obviously top quality. I couldn’t help holding the first ones more than a moment. Hub wife noticed my pause and watched as i held them a bit closer and breathed in their fragrance…I blushed at the intimacy that hubwife had seen, and quickly plunged them into the frothy water and washed them all, before hanging them out as I had seen hubwife do. I felt special, lucky to have touched my Mistress’s intimate clothing and hopeful that she would be pleased when she arrived. 

“We have about an hour beccy” ..hubwife’s statement shook me from my dream. “You take these 2 bathrooms, and i’ll take the other 2, which leave one more. Mistress is very particular, so I’d better show you what is expected.”
And so i was indoctrinated into the “correct” way to clean a bathroom...ie…make it spotless. Walls were cleaned, taps, bath, toilet and sink, cupboards tidied and mirrors polished. On all fours (quite a sight!) the floors were sponged and wiped paying particular attention around toilet and sink. Both of us wore pink washing up gloves.

The sound of the door slamming heralded Mistress arriving and set my heart racing. She laughed,..no doubt after seeing my clothes by the door and shouted “ i hope you’re finished girls!.. I expect you in the main room in 5” The heady feeling inside drove me to clean faster and then look at my work with pride. Hub wife quickly popped in adjusting her apron and acknowledged the clean work and said “it looks good…but I expect She will find something  wrong lol” “ Come on, let me adjust your bow, it looks terrible, then we must be there as directed.”

As we entered the big room, like two naughty schoolgirls reporting to the teacher, my heart was pounding. Two grown sissies, dressed only in heels, cages and aprons, stood before Mistress. She smiled and held back a laugh, then nodded. “I like it…you go well together.. I am sure I will have you dressed together again” “Kneel ..then ....Show me” 
We both knew what she meant…and blushing, we both knelt, then lifted our aprons to reveal our, now tighter, cages – mine steel and small, hubwife’s a pink acrylic version that suited the sissy look. 
She smiled and held up two keys…our (or should I say Her) keys and told us to come forward. First hubwife…then me…were embarrassingly released from our cages…leaving our little clitties hanging half erect…the long term chastity having an effect that seemed to inhibit full erection… our humiliation was complete.
“And so…a bit of fun girls” She smiled. “We are going to have a little sissy game…a sissy race..and the loser will be locked up immediately and be sent to clean the blue bathroom which I see has not been cleaned.” 
“Take your little clitties in between your thumb and forefinger and hold it there. Do you understand?”
We both did as directed, blushing with the humiliation.
“Now , when I say ‘go’, you are both going to rub your little clitties til they come..using only two fingers like a girl …and the first to come…. is the winner hehe!”  “Do you understand girls?”
“Yes Mistress, we squeaked in unison”
“Ready” ..She parted her legs, “Steady” She slipped a hand into her panties .. “GO!!” 

OMG the intensity, we both rubbed as fast and as hard as we could… the intensity was overwhelming.. my eyes watched Mistress as she played with herself..it was amazing…I just knew… OMG… in less than a minute I couldn’t stop… I was going to come!.. my face told it all and Mistress began to laugh. Hub wife was still concentrating on her strokes…but I was so far gone there was no going back… and I cried out and burst… releasing a pathetically small amount of seed onto the apron and floor… I groaned and shook, experiencing the most intense but quickest orgasm I had ever had… the humiliation was intense but I was past the point of caring.
Mistress clapped her hands, then, as hub wife began to breath deep…shouted “STOP” to hubwife. Reluctantly she stopped…and Mistress waited for his semi erection to subside before locking it away… frustration unbound! 
“To the loser…nothing” She said as the key turned securing the cage for another month. Poor hubwife I thought as I stood there my clit still dripping and shrinking to its tiny size. “Lick that mess up beccy, then you can have your real reward” She removed her hand from her panties and I noticed how moist her fingers were.
“Hubwife .. youre dismissed… make sure that bathroom is spotless! Off you go now.. I have some delightful things to do to beccy and your presence is not required…I want to put her through her paces.” ..and so with a wave of the hand hubwife was sent out..and Mistress turned to me.
“Come here beccy. Kneel here and lick My finger and know your Mistress”. I did not need to be told twice and fell at her feet..

Two minutes later my mind was reeling at what she had said was in store in the bedroom. Each detail had been described as I licked and sucked her fingers, each task and every aspect of obedience required had been laid out…and now…she was leading me on all fours, trailing her hand behind for me to follow the scent of her fingers through the bedroom door.

The door closed with a click and my fantasy became reality….

Ms Linda's sub beccy .... curtsy


  1. *curtsy* Such a yummy post and a wonderful blog! i follow your hubwife's TUMBLR and enjoy her postings very much. This sissy does miss her Blog very much, she did a very nice job describing your lifestyle (which i am totally envious of obtw. Thank you for doing this Blog, i have enjoyed catching up on all that is going on with you two, and it seems ya'll have not skipped a beat!

    My deepest respects!

  2. What a lovely story!
    Thank you for posting!