Tuesday, February 5, 2019

My Sissies' Big Day

Today's a big day for hubwife and her sissy friend beccy.  I've been hubwife's key holder for more than four years now and beccy's for just over a month.  Having a key holder is all new to beccy.  She's been playing with chastity for awhile and is used to being locked up, but only on her terms.  Now it's on my terms.  That's quite different.

After a few minor bumps in the road when we first started, beccy's fallen into line pretty well.  In my
Look who's wearing garters today!
opinion it's time we take this to the next logical step.

What makes today special is that beccy will be visiting us here in our home late this afternoon and possibly joining us for dinner after her work and hubwife's work is done.

Hubwife and beccy are going to have some panties to wash and bathrooms to clean first.  It's all part of this new "arrangement" I've put together.  It goes like this...
  • Hubwife will no longer be tasked with hand washing my panties.  Instead, her focus will be on the washing of Amy's and syssy beccy's panties.
  • beccy on the other hand will be responsible for hand washing my panties as well as hubwife's panties.
  • sissy beccy will visit us once a week (usually Tuesdays) to complete her panty washing task and perform other domestic duties with hubwife.
  • beccy will also bring her weeks worth of worn panties for hubwife to tend to while she's here.
  • Once a month on average, one or both of them will be let out of their cages and possibly allowed to have an orgasm, the manner by which it occurs will be up to me.  
Today's the first time we do this. I'm looking forward to see how it works, or if it works at all.  I'm sure I'll have to tweak this some but eventually, the girls will get it right.

Wish them luck.

Miss L

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  1. Miss L,
    Thank you for this lovely report on your two feminized pets. Both sound lovely and very engaged in their pursuit of pleasing and serving on your terms. You mentioned that you had some initial difficulties with beccy coming to terms with "her" new situation as property - I'm curious if you can share what the specific problem was and how it was rectified? Very much enjoying your blog. Thank you. Deferentially, john