Thursday, February 14, 2019

my office visit...

The phone call from Her secretary was short and to the point. “Ms ‘X’ will see you at 1 pm  on Wednesday in her offices. She needs to check things over with you. Please be on time”.
Once again, I got that little surge of adrenaline! This was not expected and seemed very business-like and formal. I had not been to Her office, but knew where it was and her secretary seemed insistent that there was business to be done. “Yes…I’ll be there” I half stammered.
That was Monday, and the two days dragged. I had a pretty good idea what “needs to check things over” meant and made sure I was suitably dressed beneath my suit …still locked in chastity of course and still with the memories of my humiliating…but erotic visit last we
ek. I was now into my second month as Mistress’s chastised sub and the regular panties posts and Her directions were really appealing to my sub side. I made sure todays panties were clean and fitting well!
Arriving early, I sat in the waiting area. I heard her voice on the intercom to the secretary: “Thank you Susan, send him ..and please make sure we’re not disturbed”
Oh my…now I was intrigued…and the heart raised its pace again! My little clitty cage felt tight.
I opened the door to see her looking magnificent in her business suit; Stood by the door she let me through, then shut…and locked it.
There were no formalities. 
“Drop your pants beccy”. I quickly obliged…blushing a bit and proudly showed off my chosen panties and my little cage. She hardly noticed and gave a cursory glance to check I was appropriately attired as directed, nodded and then said
“Both hands on my desk…just lean forward beccy”
Oh my…this was unexpected… I did as she said and stared ahead out of the large full-length window with views across the city. She stood behind and I felt her hands hold my panties, one hand squeezed a buttock and then with one swift move she pulled my panties down to my ankles. Oh wow…I gasped….and then drew in more breath as I watched her go the front of the desk and open a drawer… pulling out an examination glove and lube. 
She slowly pulled on the glove as She walked around behind, like an established doctor at my annual checkup! My heart was racing and i was terrified the secretary was going to try to get in, or someone could see me from another building out there! i know that I was blushing and I felt myself tensing as she laid one hand on my back. 
Like a clinical prostate examination, she slipped a finger in deftly and then pushed deeply… I caught my breath and stared ahead wide eyed as she felt in each direction before slipping out…but not before lingering with pressure on my P-spot that sent little shudders through me.
“Good gurl..I enjoyed that” She said with a grin. “Don’t move. I haven’t finished yet” and with that she reached into the drawer again…and pulled out a large stainless steel butt plug…with a little jewelled motif on its head.
It slipped in easily. Cold and invading – it made its mark and then settled in its position filling me and giving me waves of…well…naughtiness! There is nothing more humiliating than being vulnerable in front of a beautiful business woman in her domain. .and then being plugged by HER! I felt so vulnerable at that point. She whipped my panties up.
“Pants up beccy! Now be off, and come back here for 5:15. I don’t expect you to remove it ..but if you do, I want to know – so text me”
“Yes Mistress” I blurted out, pulling up my pants. I had been dismissed, and walked out the door which she had begun to open even before I had finished dressing properly.
The four hours flew by in truth. I spent the time in the car and a supermarket…just re-enacting in my head what had just happened.. I felt soooo horny oblivious of the world going on around.
At 5:15 on the dot, I was allowed through to see Her again. She smiled and told me to adopt the position. Removing the plug she popped it into a plastic bag, saying that she expected me to clean it…and adding: “This is all good practice for what is to come beccy”
“Now you may go beccy….after an appropriate Valentine's Day kiss of course.” ..and with that turned round and She herself leant forward on the desk.  Watching me over Her shoulder, She smiled as I curtsied, and nodded as I knelt down and placed a reverent kiss on her ass.
"Happy Valentine's Day beccy!"
“Good girl. Now, off you go.”
I left in silence ..wondering…..

sissy beccy

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