Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes is just common courtesy.  When someone does something nice for you or gives you a lovely gift, it only takes a moment or two to jot a quick not to show them your appreciation.

After pleasuring me and getting off on it herself, my babygirl Amy's panties were a soaking mess!  I decided that rather than go home wearing her very wet panties, she could "borrow" a pair of mine and leave her wet ones behind for hubwife to wash.  A few days later, hubwife delivered the freshly hand washed panties to Amy and returned with my panties that Amy had worn.

I consider entrusting the care of mine and Amy's panties to hubwife a privilege for which she should be very appreciative.  I know she appreciates being allowed to wash my panties, but I wanted to make sure she showed Amy the same type of appreciation.  So when hubwife delivered the clean panty to Amy, she included this note.

The panty washing exercise is now a full time thing.  Twice a week there's a "panty exchange" between hubwife and Amy.  Hubwife goes to the salon to pick up Amy's worn panties and delivers freshly washed and folded panties to her.   

Miss L


  1. Dear Miss L, curtsy.

    As a sissy maid who truly considers washing my Mistresses panties both a pleasure and a privilege i find the thank note excruciatingly brilliant.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

  2. How lovely!
    Your hubwife has such good manners!

  3. Absolutely wonderful at well-trained you have your hubwife. I am in the midst of writing a post on male wives and appreciate your insights.