Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Loving with Care

It wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't care.

But I do care.

Hubwife's orgasms, or lack of them, is important to me.  I care about them.

If I were careless, it just wouldn't feel right.

Carelessness would throw our beautiful relationship into a state of chaos.

I hate chaos and so does hubwife.

Because of my caring attitude, I can't make love to her with the reckless abandon I used to.

My theory is that her four years in chastity has made her boi pussy more sensitive to my lady-cock.

De-sensitize one body part, another will make up for it. 

In addition, I'm a very good lover with my strap-on.

The last time I made love to her, I was amazed at how quickly she had her gurly orgasm.

The fact that she was lovingly locked in her chastity device didn't matter.

So now I'm more careful.

I have to be.

More than one orgasm a month for her just wouldn't be right.

Nobody likes chaos.

Ms. L


  1. I simply just adore the wit in your delivery.

    I hope your day is all that you hoped for.

    With a deep respectful curtsy, fifi

  2. I have found that a numbing condom works very effectively at prohibibiting ejaculations. I can fuck his pussy as hard as I want without any worry.