Saturday, December 29, 2018

New Year, New Loves & New Locks

Where has 2018 gone?  Where have I been?  What's been going on anyway?

What better way to bring you up to date than to share the holiday letter I sent to my kinky neighbors to the north?  They're long time friends, people we've played with in the past and enjoyed some sensual intimacies.  Four married couples, three of them with the "traditional" male dominant and and hubwife :)  Enjoy.

Some names and places have been changed to protect people's privacy.

Belated Joyeux Noel & Bonne Annee to my Kinky Canadian Friends!

Ok...that's enough French for now, unless it's the kissing type :)
This Christmas greeting comes late but it's not really out of character for me.  I've always been the deliberate and patient one of the bunch haven't I?

We arrived in NYC yesterday and made our way up to my sister's in xxxx on Long Island by early evening.  We will be leaving tomorrow and taking the ferry across the sound into CT and will be driving up to xxxx.  Both of us are very excited to get together with you on Saturday in xxxx.  It's been how many years??? 
How is George at xxxxxx?  It would be nice to go back to one of his fetish nights if they are still having them.  I'm sure we would be the oldest of the  And the "xxxx" it still in operation?  Despite the fun we had at those parties, the weekends we spent with all of you were much more fun and intimate.  We were so fortunate to have met you all!

And Karl?  When will you ever use that winter home you bought in xxxx?  It's only 2 hours from our place in the xxxx section of xxxx!  

This has been a wonderful year for us in sunny southern xxxx.  The family continues to "grow"....xxxx's twins turned two last October and they are a handful.  xxxxs little girl celebrated her first birthday in December and she broke the news to us on Christmas that baby number two is on the way...Due date is July 8!  I may be a grandma but I don't feel very contraire!
On a bit of a down note Paul, my lover of 4+ years, took a job at xxxx in Los Angeles in September.  We had a lovely weekend together (the three of us) before he departed and though we've stayed in touch have not been together since he left.  His departure was difficult and obviously left a void that Terrie cannot possibly fill (even if I allowed it) but somehow I've survived.
But for every door that closes, there always seems to be another one, two or in this case, even three that open.
Let me start with Door #1.  We are now the proud co-owners of a hair salon!  No, I haven't changed careers and though she's not fully practicing any more, neither has Terrie.  It's a long story as to how this all came about, but the short of it is that I decided to help my hairdresser (Amy) and her husband purchase a salon in xxxx.  The salon basically pays for itself.  During the summer months we break even but the fall and winter months are very busy seasons. 

Door #2 is equally exciting, but far more sexciting!  It's about hairdresser.  We're an "item" in, lovers.  With Paul's departure I had all this spare time on my hands!  What better way to fill it than with a lovely 30-something MILF.....and yes, I do fuck her as often as we can get together.  Her husband Don doesn't know about the little thing we have going.  Amy knows all about Terrie, how she's my "wife", the chastity, etc.  It's a nice little arrangement for now and Amy makes a wonderful submissive.  I've attached a picture of her.  A selfie she took just for me.  Don't you love those lips?
Door #3 is something very new for me...two submissives in chastity.  I'll get right to the point.  I am now the keyholder for one of Terrie's sissy gurlfriends.  beccy is a very attractive submissive CD who just happens to also be in the medical field.  I gave Terrie permission to meet her for coffee and you know me, I just couldn't help but stic my nose into their business and the next thing you know, beccy and me hit it off real well and I decided that, what's one more sissy in chastity to take control of?  I will officially become beccy's keyholder on January 1, 2019 which just happens to be Terrie's fourth chastity anniversary!  I won't officially lock her on January 1.  beccy will do the honors herself, send me a picture of her locked up along with pictures of the two keys in sealed signed envelops.  She will deliver one of the envelopes to me in mid January.  We shall see how it goes :)  beccy's picture is attached as well.  Not bad eh? 
Of course, Terrie is taking all this like the good sissy cuckold wife that she is.  My love for her continues to grow each day, as does her devotion to me :)  Terrie is also looking forward to spending time with the other girls in when we're in Burlington.  I should have brought a maids outfit for the trip.  I'm sure we can find something for her to wear if time
I cc'd the lovely Nicole on this email since Mark is the only Dominant who seems to allow his submissive to receive  I hope "nikki" is doing well and if the opportunity presents itself, I certainly wouldn't mind having her over my lap for one sound spanking just for old time's sake! 
Karl & John...if Celine and Sue are giving you any problems, I'd be happy to offer the same service at no charge!
Looking forward to seeing you all so very soon!
Linda & Terrie

So there you have it.  These pages have been a little dark and quiet.  Me?  I've been keeping myself busy.

Stay tuned.  I plan to enjoy my babygirl Amy very much and 2019 and I take my key holder responsibility very, very seriously

Ms. L

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  1. Dear Alpha Female,

    This is a humble thank you for all the time and effort the you put into your blog and tumbler.

    Your wit and ,sometimes humor, is clear and well placed. Your attitude seems well rounded, and, your command over your charges confident, as well as, believable. I suspect that like my two Mistresses, (I've been a privileged collared sissy, cuckold maid for Lesbian couple for a few years) your style of dominance is calm, cool, and collected without the static of loud voices and yelling. A simple do as I say, or else.

    Thank for sharing your valuable time and the window into your world. I hope the New Year exceeds all of your New Year wishes.

    With respect and a demure curtsy, fifi