Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We'll Never Know.....

Had a conversation with a male submissive last week sometime about the long term effects of male chastity.  This particular submissive is rather well endowed and I made the following comment:

"Not all submissive CD's deserve to be locked in chastity.  You're exhibit A."
He tried to dismiss my flattery, playing like he didn't know what I meant but he wasn't very successful.  He took pleasure in my comment and I could tell he was as proud as a peacock!
He not-so-innocently asked "Why?"

My response was that "Long term chastity causes atrophy of the penis."  I went on to tell him that it might be a waste if his own penis would suffer from that fate. 

Specifically, I said "I wouldn't want that to happen to yours."

He had a rather interesting response:
"I'm not sure that really happens - at least not long term, from what I've read. It might temporarily, but once unlocked for a while it returns to it's original state."
Our discussion went on from there.  I know a little bit about human physiology, more than most people, but other than my own first-hand experience with hubwife, don't have much data or experience with long term chastity.  I mentioned to the submissive that the operative words in his premise were "once unlocked for a while."

There's some truth to his hypothesis.  I suppose if a penis that has been locked up for a long time is set free and not put back in the cage, eventually it will be able to have a full erection again.  At the same time, while a host of other factors come into play, there's likely to be a "point-of-no-return" where a man's penis will never regain what's been lost.

Hubwife's been locked up since January 1, 2015 (actually, she was locked on New Year's Eve before we went to a party), just about full time; more than 99% of the time if you're interested. When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st of 2018, hubwife will be beginning her fifth year of chastity.

I suppose I could unlock her and keep her that way for a reasonable amount of time to see how long it might take for her to have full erections (full for her, they were never very impressive) again.  But I have no intentions of doing that.

I guess we'll just never know :)

Miss L

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