Monday, September 17, 2018

Leash Laws

Last week was busy with little time to blog.  This weekend we got to escape to our ocean getaway but there was a wedding there to attend.  A nice little church wedding that was followed by a lovely evening reception outdoors on the ocean. 

We're staying a few extra days to enjoy the water and sunshine and this morning I was up early for a run along the beach.  Running in the sand is good for you but hubwife doesn't like it.  Too bad for her.  I do what it takes to make sure she stays in shape.

The beach has leash laws though they don't always seem to be strictly enforced.  Just in case I thought it would be fun to have hubwife run along with me while wearing her collar.  I ran with the leash rolled up around one of my hands.  There weren't many early birds out and in the course of the 5 or so miles we rand the beach was pretty deserted on this Monday morning.  I though about attaching the leash to her collar so we could run attached to one romantic. 

No one seemed to notice the leash while on our run.  The elevator ride up to our condo on the 10th floor was a different story.  I opted to take the elevator from the underground garage since it has an entrance from the beach level of our property.  There, two women around my age and a young man were also waiting.  Once on the elevator, it made a stop on the ground level where another younger couple got on. 

We were the last two off on 10 after the elevator made stops on 3, 6 and 9.  No one said anything but one of the two women who got off on 9 smiled at us as she left.  Once the doors slid shut I looked at hubwife and smiled.  "She knew" I told her.  Hubwife was blushing a little.

She took the collar off to shower but I made her put it back on immediately after.  Maybe she'll be wearing it all day.

Miss L

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  1. Of course she knew. A lot more people know that would ever let on. It's just that the ones that make eye contact are letting you in on the fact that they know.