Friday, August 17, 2018

Sexy Secrets

"He what?" my older sister responded.

"He wears panties.  All the time.  Every day" I repeated what I'd just told her, with a slight emphasis on "all the time" and "every day."

"Oh.  And he enjoys that?  What about you?" she asked.  Quite honestly, she didn't look as shocked as I thought she would and suspected she knew the answers already.

"He does and so do I" I said, intentionally keeping my answer short and to the point.  I figured she'd eventually ask some questions so I didn't say much more.  A few seconds later I added "And if you're okay with it, I'd like you to refer to him as her, and he as she.

"That's fine" she said with little hesitation.

There was a period of silence as we sipped some ice tea on her front porch facing Long Island Sound just a little more than a month ago. Just before the silence became awkward, she posed the first of many questions.

And so it went.  She knows almost everything about us.  My dominance over hubwife, her dressing, that we're in a Female Led Relationship, I have a lover and other things. 

We were always the closest of the siblings.  Distance and time lessened that closeness a bit, but not a great deal.  Sharing this secret with my older sister has brought us closer together; as close as we've ever been.

She's visiting us this week and leaving on Monday or Tuesday.  She arrived early in the week while other family members came in yesterday and some today.  While she's been here, hubwife has been able to dress the way she always does at home and act the way I expect her to act.  Her duties haven't changed.  The housework is getting done the way I want it and she's also cleaning up after my sister, including making the bed in the guest bedroom and picking up after her.

She's also doing all the laundry including hand-washing my sister's panties and other lingerie.

She's enjoying the attention and I'm glad I told her about us.

Ms. L


  1. My sister-in-law caught my husband in a pair of panties by walking in on him in a bathroom that she thought was unoccupied in our home. AWKWARD! Hubby asked that I explain things to her which I did. I believe she told my brother which in the scope of things, isn't a big deal.

  2. Thank you for posting your "diaries".
    Hubwife is a lucky .... man.