Monday, July 30, 2018

Topping My Hubwife

Over the last ninety-one hours, almost four complete days, I've made love to my hubwife with my strap on four times.   I have no idea if that's "off the charts" or just average when it comes to relationships like ours.  I don't really care either. 

So what's my point?

My point is that I actually enjoy making love to her this way.  She doesn't always orgasm from it.  She would if she wasn't in chastity, locked securely while I penetrate her pretty "pussy."  I'm being polite here but in truth she gets more turned on when I call it a "cunt."  Her orgasms from the lovemaking are secondary anyway.

She didn't cum at all during these four lovemaking sessions, but I'd bet dollars to donuts she was very satisfied with how I filled her. 

As for me, I didn't cum from the strap-on sessions - at least not directly.  I got aroused enough from them that when they were over and she was down between my thighs with her girly lips and tongue, it didn't take me long to get off.  More than once as well.

I love stepping into my strap-on, having her suck it and then take it like a good wife. 

Ms. L


  1. 'Take it like a good wife' is such a thrilling phrase in so many ways for any obedient and owned 'hubwife'. The thrill of being the one to give pleasure (and take Her cock) is almost overwhelming...