Monday, July 16, 2018


My hubwife has a very good looking butt.  It's probably her best feature.

Her butt is what makes spankings all the more appealing as a form of punishment for bad behavior.

After having displayed a poor attitude this morning it only took one "look" from me to realize she would be in for some form of punishment either later today or maybe even some time tomorrow.

Human's aren't like pets when it comes to discipline.  Training a pet requires that the discipline take place immediately after the bad behavior.  Disciplining a submissive can wait.  The dominant chooses the appropriate time and place.

Hubwife knows it's coming.  She doesn't know what it's going to be, but I'm leaning towards the hairbrush.  I didn't pack "that" hairbrush for our vacation.  I'll probably have to borrow my sister's.

Ms. L


  1. Dear Ms. L, curtsy

    Having to wait for discipline is an attitude corrector all in itself.

    Your blog list is very smart. I shared a piece of it with my Mistress this morning. Thank you.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

  2. I don't sleep well when my wife says, "you deserve a spanking, but right now I'm very angry with your behaviour. I want you to think about what you did, why you did it, and explain it tomorrow evening. You WILL be spanked, dear, and you WILL be in the corner. But it's best when we take care of it tomorrow."

    She'll also sometimes make me wear panties two sizes too small all day, to remind me of my impending spanking. It's uncomfortable and also leaves red marks..."lovely target area" she says.

    Thank you for your blog, Ma'am.

  3. "Disciplining a submissive can wait. The dominant chooses the appropriate time and place." So true, anticipation is a large part of the disciplining process. That dry mouthed, stomach-churning feeling is almost as bad as the actual punishment. Sometimes my Lady would put me in the naughty corner to wait for my spanking and set one of those old-type ticking kitchen timers. I could hear the ominous ticking and She would never tell me how long She had set it for. Then when it did go off i'd jump a mile!