Friday, July 13, 2018

Orally Talented

"He's not very big" I remember telling my best friend. 

It was the first time I had given anyone a glimpse into our budding D/s type lifestyle, well before I had ever thought of putting hubwife into chastity.

"Is it a problem?" she asked me.  I could tell she was probably thinking "so why did you marry him?"  Her question was more polite than her private thoughts.

"He's an excellent lover in other ways" I told her with a smile.  I went on to divulge a little more, indicating that hubwife was willing to go down on me whenever I wanted to. 

"You're very lucky" she admitted, envious of my situation.

I didn't say anything.  And the subject changed.  Now she knows everything.

Hubwife really does have a talented tongue.

Ms. L


  1. Very erotic to think about our inferiority in one area might make us better lovers in another.

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  2. If there is one thing submissive men should be exceedingly well-trained in, it's providing exemplary oral service on command - as much and as long as their female superior requires. Let's face it, submissive men aren't known for their penis prowess - they're known for taking direction and getting it right the first time. Bravo and enjoy your hubwife's tonguing technique.