Tuesday, July 10, 2018

No Bull - No Problem

The Bull is nearly 3000 miles away, so when the urge hits, what a woman to do?

Not an issue when you've made sure your hubwife has packed the right toys.

"Make sure to pack our cocks" I told her.  She did.

Because of my proper planning and her ability to follow orders, neither one of us has had to "abstain" while on vacation.   

She got to enjoy my strap-on this weekend, and I let her fuck me last night.

Her cock isn't very big but it never goes soft.  I can ride it as long as I want, control all the action and choose the position I want.  In the absence of the Bull, it's not a bad alternative.

I suppose I could let hubwife have a bigger cock, but that would take away some of the perverse pleasure I derive from letting her fuck me. 

Ms. L


  1. Hi Ms L
    You have a bull? how long were you married before you got a Bull? Do you allow your hubwife clean up his mess?

    1. Hi Dorinda,

      Didn't get a bull until our kids were out of the house and in college. We'd been married almost 20 years. Yes, I sometimes allow her to clean :)