Monday, July 2, 2018

Behind Closed Doors

I re-blogged the following picture yesterday on my Tumblr mostly because of the caption.  The caption was pretty fitting because the woman in the picture does look pretty "innocent."

From "Sexy Strap-ons & Pegging"

She has the look of a rather traditional wife, mother, maybe even a homemaker with a couple of young kids.  Yet here she is wearing a leather corset and a sizeable and intimidating strap-on that will most likely be used on her spouse.

It got me thinking about strap-on sex/pegging and just how popular it is among couples, both here in the US and around the world.  Using the popularity and availability of sex toys as a gauge, particularly the wide variety of harnesses and dildos, I'd have to think there's plenty of women using their husbands or boyfriends' "pussies" in the privacy of their bedrooms.  Suburbia is probably loaded with them!

Perhaps it's time for pussy boys like my hubwife to come out of the closet and share with their friends just how much they enjoy getting laid.

Ms. L


  1. I believe many woman Use a strap-on in their husbands. I enjoy using my 8 inch in mine. We have been in a D/s relationship for a long time now. I have been considering going to the 12 inch version because he takes my 8 inch with full strokes with ease now.
    It is a wonderful feeling with him under me; I like him on his back so I can look into his eyes as he takes me in and out. I love to see the clear fluid start to dribble up and out of his penis after a while. I do not touch him anymore to help him cum, he gets fucked now without orgasm, I treat him like this so he knows what a normal Woman feels like when her husband does not finish Her when she needs it.

    1. Mine is about 7" and I'm careful. Hubwife isn't a size Hubwife is in chastity and sometimes she can orgasm with the cage on when I make love to her. But like you, I like impressing upon her that it's about me, not her and certainly not her orgasms. Agreed that it helps them understand the feminine perspective.


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  3. i do really believe this sexual role reversal is becoming much more common as Women become more and more powerful culturally and financially. For me (like a majority of 'males'), an enormous strap-on is not necessary for Her to assert dominance because the very act of being penetrated is a very powerful symbol of my submissiveness and 'femininity'.

  4. I remember the first time he took me inside him, prior to that I him put it on and made him suck it like he was sucking a bigger man then himself off.
    All Femdom acts take time, but in time he learned to deepthroat the entire length. He could take it down his throat, the entire thing.
    It was fun teaching him to suck cock. For a while I sort of wanted him to suck off a large man but the opportunity never presented itself.
    My attention switched to having him cum in his own mouth, something I still have him do often.
    I believe it changes a man once you fuck him, it breaks his pride and he is very sad and humble. But after he overcomes that then he can make peace with himself and his manhood being torn down by his wife. After a pegging session I have the biggest orgasms using him orally on me..

  5. Dorinda, it is extremely satisfying to read you are able to instruct your husband in these all important aspects of the female perspective of sex. A good husband desires more than anything else to relate to his wife in all aspects of our relationships. While my wife Ericka feels my orgasm is a important factor in successful sex. I tell her, men are easy, we can orgasm from any stimulation. It's the female orgasms that are difficult to achieve. My focus is always on her orgasms, joy, satisfaction. We have been living in a pegging dominant relationship for over a year now. I have gained some wonderful perspective so far. Ericka has the best orgasms I have ever seen her achieve from pegging me. So much so that she has rarely used our penis for penetration during this past year. 3-6 times maybe and guess what, we communicate with each other deeper, we rarely have any type of argument, a side from what I will prepare for dinner. As the male in a loving role reversal relationship, I wouldn't go back to the old traditional type penis focused relationship for all the money in the world. Our relationship is orgasm focused. I totally understand how female's do not always orgasm from being penetrated. Reality that is just a bad, inconsiderate, inexperienced lover. It is my belief that the majority of women would be much more satisfied with their relationships if they would include pegging as a go to sex act with their partner. There is period week where we used to not have any sexual connection. Now Ericka pegs me and has as many orgasms as she likes any time she likes. Pegging is about her orgasms, yes I can orgasm from pegging when accompanied by just the slightest jerk 2-10 seconds. I hate that I have not YET learned to orgasm solely from her penetration. She loves how powerful she feels from causing my orgasm from pegging. So I have a ? what could I try to be more encouraging, enthusiastic, entertaining for her pleasure? I am so in love with her all I want is for her to have total fulfillment, maximum joy, pleasure, excitement. She deserves my very best!!!