Wednesday, July 4, 2018

An Orgasm Glut

"An orgasm a month doesn't mean an orgasm every thirty days."

  Me to hubwife
    July 1, 2018

Today's post is from a recent posting on my Tumblr page:

Hubwife’s Monthly Orgasm is a pretty big deal in our home.  As it should be, if you’re only going to have one orgasm per month then it should be special. 

I thought I’d do something a little different for both June and July.  For June, I left hubwife in suspense for 29 days until she figured out that her “monthly” would happen on the 30th.  A promise a promise.  My magic wand in hand, I had her on all fours on the bed in a pair of pink panties verbally teasing her while the wand vibrated softly against her cage.  Bingo.  She wet her panties in no time. 

There was little suspense in July.  about thirteen hours later I took her cage off and massaged her soft little clitty until she messed in my hand.

She cleaned it up promptly.

Two days, two orgasms.  But yet only one each month. She’ll be “dry” the rest of the July. 

Ms L. 


  1. As I've been reminded, your penis may be attached to you, but it's mine to use as I wish. Obviously, ma'am, you agree.

  2. Dear MS L,

    I understand the twist of your generosity, the conundrum of your gift. When I order a gift of discipline that i know my Mistress(es) will enjoy owning I feel happy for her happiness, even though I will be on the receiving end of its purpose. Your hubwife was just bestowed two pleasures and now may not see another for nearly two months.

    A Mistress can be so lovingly perplexing.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi