Monday, July 23, 2018

A Proud Mom

Visiting my married daughter on Sunday afternoon, my son-in-law excused himself to take a call on his cell.  A few minutes later he returned to ask my daughter if he could play golf on Wednesday after work.

My daughter, ever the -over-organizer, checked the calendar on her own cell and granted him permission, but only after asking what time he thought he'd be back home.  I just smiled.

The sexual aspect of my relationship with hubwife, her dressing in feminine attire, my having a masculine lover, her chastity and other kinks have never been openly shared with our children.  On the other hand, I believe they've been exposed to my asserting control over the more mundane and vanilla portions of our marriage.  It's nice to see that some of that has rubbed off on this daughter. 

The short exchange I observed between my daughter and her husband wasn't necessarily an overt "Femdom moment."  It's very likely it was simply a display of a courteous, understanding and considered husband and father.

However the way my daughter handled it makes me wonder what goes on inside their bedroom.

Female Led Relationships can be beneficial to many marriages.

Ms. L


  1. Nice to see you lead by example Ms.

  2. FLRs don't have to be overt and showy to be effective, it is the subtle, small steps that effect large changes.