Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Contrasting Submissives & Desires

I love it when men flirt with me.  It's especially flattering when a young, hunky and handsome stud does it.  I'm don't quite get a young man's fascination with "cougars" but I'm certainly open to being the object of their desires....and more. 

There's one particular boy I know who happens to be very smitten with my charm and if I dare say, possibly my alpha personality.  He's probably 20 years my junior, maybe even more.  The age difference and his muscular physique make him all the more interesting to me.  In contrast to my "hubwife", this young stud stands out as a "real man."

Yet, there's this fascination of controlling one of these handsome creatures.  Honestly, he'd make a perfect complimentary submissive to my more feminine and beta hubwife.

See...I don't my submissive to be in panties and other sissy attire.  It all depends on their personality, physique and other intangibles.

I recently re-blogged the following two pictures on my Tumblr:

The first shows an overly feminized submissive male,in chastity and immobilized by some type of iron bar for her Mistress' pleasure.  Pretty isn't she?

The next shows a masculine looking man, beard and all, submissively accepting the loving gaze of his Mistress (Wife/Girlfriend maybe?) as she uses her strap-on on him.  Notice how he's not wearing anything feminine, yet finds himself in the most submissive of positions possible. 

Truth is, I could handle both.

Very easily. 

Ms. L


  1. Dear Ms. L.

    Not only could you handle both, you deserve both.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

  2. I enjoy being submissive but I am doubtful I could surrender totally to a dominant women. I wish there was a way to "try it out" with someone. Suggestions would be welcome.