Saturday, June 30, 2018

Flightless Birds

I used to carry on some rather interesting conversations with a married dominant male who also use to play around with a cuckold couple on the side.  It didn't take long for me to know that he wasn't just giving me a line of crap and that he was real.  Call it woman's intuition.

We hit it off intellectually and had some great discussions.  We never would have been a good match though because I wasn't looking for a bull to dominate me.  When I'm with my bull now, we're equals enjoying great sex.  I'm having sex with a real man.  An alpha male.  It's nice that he's dominant over hubwife, and doesn't expect the same type of submission from me.

In the course of our discussions, my dominant male friend had something like this to say about beta males:

A penis on a beta male is similar to wings on a penguin.  From a biological perspective, its what makes him a male but doesn't really serve a purpose.  It's strictly ornamental and useless.  But like the penguin with wings a beta male does serve a purpose in the world.  However, the sooner they learn their purpose, the happier they will be.  

My friend makes a lot of sense.  I remember after he told me this I would tease hubwife and call her "my little penguin." 

Fortunately for hubwife, she's learned her purpose a long time ago and doesn't try to fly anymore.

I wouldn't let her anyway. 

Ms. L


  1. Ms L - that is so true and such a lovely analogy.


  2. This is very sexy. I imagine that knowing your penis is nothing but an ornament can be deflating or arousing depending on your sexual preferences.