Sunday, June 17, 2018

First Things First - Happy Fathers Day!

Is this appropriate?

Is it ironic?

Is it just being cruel and sarcastic?

Could it be all of the above?

A Dominant Spouse waiting until today to start a blog, and to begin by wishing Her submissive "hubwife" a Happy Fathers Day is appropriate in my opinion. 

Sure it's ironic.  Hubwife certainly might not fit the traditional "Father" model in many people's opinions.  But he's been a damned good one to our two kids.  And we love him dearly.

Is it cruel?  Maybe a little.  Sarcastic?  Not at all.  I'm 100% honest in my wishes. 

So let's move on. 

Happy Father's Day to my submissive hubwife and thank you for being so loving all these years.  My wishes go out to all the other dads out there, whether they be submissive or Dominant, I wish them well.  Never stop loving your dads, and dads, never stop loving your families. 

So...what did hubwife get from me for Father's Day?  Quite a bit, even though he's not my Dad.  Here's a list, and I'm not even done giving him all his gifts today:

  • A "good morning" spanking.
  • A "hot breakfast" served elegantly between my thighs.
  • A tasty lunch served between the cheeks of my ass.
  • A tasty golden shower after my morning workout.  
  • A pretty new apron to wear while waiting on me, my submissive lady friend and infrequent lover.
  • Another day spent in loving chastity.
  • The joy of being plugged since 9 AM this morning.
My generosity knows know bounds does it?  And there's more to come. 

Welcome to my blog.  

Ms. L


  1. Dear Ms. L, curtsy.

    I have been enjoying your thoughts and efforts on tumble for some time now. Your wit and seemingly natural dominance has been a pleasure to read... I have been serving a female couple for two years as their sissy cuckolded maid. It is not always easy, but it always a privilege.... I look forward to reading your blog and I wish for you and your entire family the very best. (Happy fathers day subhub).

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

  2. After following you on tumblr for awhile I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on FLR. (notalpha)