Friday, July 5, 2019

Coming Home

It's been awhile between posts. The drought isn't necessarily over but I think it will end soon.

Plan to be back home on 7/21.

Missing my babygirl very much!

Miss L

Monday, March 18, 2019


This blog hasn't exactly been on fire over the past few months.

Over the next few months it's going to get even quieter and darker.

I'm going on a sabbatical with hubwife and unless I instruct one of my other submissives to post, look for me here in June or July.

Best wishes.

Ms. L

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Writing Lines

I suspect my sissy submissive beccy will have learned her lesson by the time this exercise is deemed complete. 

Perhaps she has already learned her lesson but some form of punishment is needed.  Said punishment is always more effective if it demonstrates commitment and has an element of public disclosure to it.

beccy's daily panty pics should be available for everyone to view early every morning on her Tumblr blog "beccy...subgurl."

Ms. L

Thursday, February 14, 2019

my office visit...

The phone call from Her secretary was short and to the point. “Ms ‘X’ will see you at 1 pm  on Wednesday in her offices. She needs to check things over with you. Please be on time”.
Once again, I got that little surge of adrenaline! This was not expected and seemed very business-like and formal. I had not been to Her office, but knew where it was and her secretary seemed insistent that there was business to be done. “Yes…I’ll be there” I half stammered.
That was Monday, and the two days dragged. I had a pretty good idea what “needs to check things over” meant and made sure I was suitably dressed beneath my suit …still locked in chastity of course and still with the memories of my humiliating…but erotic visit last we
ek. I was now into my second month as Mistress’s chastised sub and the regular panties posts and Her directions were really appealing to my sub side. I made sure todays panties were clean and fitting well!
Arriving early, I sat in the waiting area. I heard her voice on the intercom to the secretary: “Thank you Susan, send him ..and please make sure we’re not disturbed”
Oh my…now I was intrigued…and the heart raised its pace again! My little clitty cage felt tight.
I opened the door to see her looking magnificent in her business suit; Stood by the door she let me through, then shut…and locked it.
There were no formalities. 
“Drop your pants beccy”. I quickly obliged…blushing a bit and proudly showed off my chosen panties and my little cage. She hardly noticed and gave a cursory glance to check I was appropriately attired as directed, nodded and then said
“Both hands on my desk…just lean forward beccy”
Oh my…this was unexpected… I did as she said and stared ahead out of the large full-length window with views across the city. She stood behind and I felt her hands hold my panties, one hand squeezed a buttock and then with one swift move she pulled my panties down to my ankles. Oh wow…I gasped….and then drew in more breath as I watched her go the front of the desk and open a drawer… pulling out an examination glove and lube. 
She slowly pulled on the glove as She walked around behind, like an established doctor at my annual checkup! My heart was racing and i was terrified the secretary was going to try to get in, or someone could see me from another building out there! i know that I was blushing and I felt myself tensing as she laid one hand on my back. 
Like a clinical prostate examination, she slipped a finger in deftly and then pushed deeply… I caught my breath and stared ahead wide eyed as she felt in each direction before slipping out…but not before lingering with pressure on my P-spot that sent little shudders through me.
“Good gurl..I enjoyed that” She said with a grin. “Don’t move. I haven’t finished yet” and with that she reached into the drawer again…and pulled out a large stainless steel butt plug…with a little jewelled motif on its head.
It slipped in easily. Cold and invading – it made its mark and then settled in its position filling me and giving me waves of…well…naughtiness! There is nothing more humiliating than being vulnerable in front of a beautiful business woman in her domain. .and then being plugged by HER! I felt so vulnerable at that point. She whipped my panties up.
“Pants up beccy! Now be off, and come back here for 5:15. I don’t expect you to remove it ..but if you do, I want to know – so text me”
“Yes Mistress” I blurted out, pulling up my pants. I had been dismissed, and walked out the door which she had begun to open even before I had finished dressing properly.
The four hours flew by in truth. I spent the time in the car and a supermarket…just re-enacting in my head what had just happened.. I felt soooo horny oblivious of the world going on around.
At 5:15 on the dot, I was allowed through to see Her again. She smiled and told me to adopt the position. Removing the plug she popped it into a plastic bag, saying that she expected me to clean it…and adding: “This is all good practice for what is to come beccy”
“Now you may go beccy….after an appropriate Valentine's Day kiss of course.” ..and with that turned round and She herself leant forward on the desk.  Watching me over Her shoulder, She smiled as I curtsied, and nodded as I knelt down and placed a reverent kiss on her ass.
"Happy Valentine's Day beccy!"
“Good girl. Now, off you go.”
I left in silence ..wondering…..

sissy beccy

Monday, February 11, 2019

Chastity Checks

I get to look at hubwife's chastity device whenever I want.  I can spot check her when we're apart by simply telling her to text me a picture of her locked up clitty.  Rarely is the moment that I can't verify her chastised state.

It's a "Blue Monday" for beccy
It's not the same with beccy.  I'm her keyholder and she rightfully calls me Mistress  but....we don't live together and even though I can tell her I want a picture anytime, it's just not the same. 

This week I've decided to try out weekly "chastity checks."  beccy will come to my office at an appointed time for a simple inspection.  Nothing really kinky or sexual about it.  Kind of like a patient who has a follow-up appointment with their physician...

"Ah yes....everything seems to be going just the way it should be" I might inform beccy with a smile.

beccy's first appointment is this Wednesday.

Miss L

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sissies head to head...

Mistress has directed me to give my account of today...
Ever since Mistress had told me just over a week ago that i would be visiting the house again i  have been on tenterhooks. Work was a welcome distraction but the closer today came…the more the tension rose…a nervous tension.
Mistress Linda is something else… Her emails, texts and calls directing me each day on what to wear and what to do were having a profound effect… i never realised quite how sub i was until i came under Her spell…and now I was to meet Her on her home ground, with hubwife in attendance. She had chuckled as She told me the plan adding “lets see if we can have a little fun with you two sissies”. I blushed as my imagination ran riot..but was aware that my heart was racing and my little clitty cage becoming tighter.
It was just over a month now in chastity, and daily I had glanced at the security-tagged locked keys half wishing to break them open…but as the days went by.. i just let her take over. My daily posts added to the effect and grabbing my little carrier bag with a week’s worth of panties and a pair of heels as instructed, I stepped from the car in Her drive and approached the front door.

The door was opened..gingerly…and then a rather furtive hubwife ushered me in and took the bag of panties, welcoming me and giving me a girly hug…I think we both blushed.  It was evident why she had been furtive in opening the door. Hub wife was naked, but for high heels and a white starched apron, with delicate frills around it…tied neatly at the back with a big bow! It was not quite long enough to hide the tip of her own chastity device that peeked cheekily out, potentially, for all to see.

“Mistress will be back soon and we have work to do beccy” ..and with that she handed me an apron similar to hers, and said “i think you can guess the rest!” she handed me my heels out of the bag and continued “leave your clothes on the chair and lets get these panties washed.. follow the noise of the radio – i will be there washing these and Miss Amy’s”, and off she trotted, her big bow swaying and her white cheeks looking so naughty! I stripped, observing myself in the large mirror by the door, put on the apron, trying to cover my chastity cage (unsuccessfully), slipped on my heels..and headed off to join hubwife wondering what on earth I was doing..but loving it..

She had already washed Miss Amy’s which she was removing from a rolled towel and draping over a wooden drying rack, purposefully, reverently and delicately. The double sink was useful and we now stood side by side leaning in washing panties: hubwife washing mine…and me washing Mistress’s and hub wife’s…and what beautiful panties Her’s were.. soft and delicate, some diaphanous, some more substantial, but all spoke “class”.. and were obviously top quality. I couldn’t help holding the first ones more than a moment. Hub wife noticed my pause and watched as i held them a bit closer and breathed in their fragrance…I blushed at the intimacy that hubwife had seen, and quickly plunged them into the frothy water and washed them all, before hanging them out as I had seen hubwife do. I felt special, lucky to have touched my Mistress’s intimate clothing and hopeful that she would be pleased when she arrived. 

“We have about an hour beccy” ..hubwife’s statement shook me from my dream. “You take these 2 bathrooms, and i’ll take the other 2, which leave one more. Mistress is very particular, so I’d better show you what is expected.”
And so i was indoctrinated into the “correct” way to clean a…make it spotless. Walls were cleaned, taps, bath, toilet and sink, cupboards tidied and mirrors polished. On all fours (quite a sight!) the floors were sponged and wiped paying particular attention around toilet and sink. Both of us wore pink washing up gloves.

The sound of the door slamming heralded Mistress arriving and set my heart racing. She laughed, doubt after seeing my clothes by the door and shouted “ i hope you’re finished girls!.. I expect you in the main room in 5” The heady feeling inside drove me to clean faster and then look at my work with pride. Hub wife quickly popped in adjusting her apron and acknowledged the clean work and said “it looks good…but I expect She will find something  wrong lol” “ Come on, let me adjust your bow, it looks terrible, then we must be there as directed.”

As we entered the big room, like two naughty schoolgirls reporting to the teacher, my heart was pounding. Two grown sissies, dressed only in heels, cages and aprons, stood before Mistress. She smiled and held back a laugh, then nodded. “I like it…you go well together.. I am sure I will have you dressed together again” “Kneel ..then ....Show me” 
We both knew what she meant…and blushing, we both knelt, then lifted our aprons to reveal our, now tighter, cages – mine steel and small, hubwife’s a pink acrylic version that suited the sissy look. 
She smiled and held up two keys…our (or should I say Her) keys and told us to come forward. First hubwife…then me…were embarrassingly released from our cages…leaving our little clitties hanging half erect…the long term chastity having an effect that seemed to inhibit full erection… our humiliation was complete.
“And so…a bit of fun girls” She smiled. “We are going to have a little sissy game…a sissy race..and the loser will be locked up immediately and be sent to clean the blue bathroom which I see has not been cleaned.” 
“Take your little clitties in between your thumb and forefinger and hold it there. Do you understand?”
We both did as directed, blushing with the humiliation.
“Now , when I say ‘go’, you are both going to rub your little clitties til they come..using only two fingers like a girl …and the first to come…. is the winner hehe!”  “Do you understand girls?”
“Yes Mistress, we squeaked in unison”
“Ready” ..She parted her legs, “Steady” She slipped a hand into her panties .. “GO!!” 

OMG the intensity, we both rubbed as fast and as hard as we could… the intensity was overwhelming.. my eyes watched Mistress as she played with was amazing…I just knew… OMG… in less than a minute I couldn’t stop… I was going to come!.. my face told it all and Mistress began to laugh. Hub wife was still concentrating on her strokes…but I was so far gone there was no going back… and I cried out and burst… releasing a pathetically small amount of seed onto the apron and floor… I groaned and shook, experiencing the most intense but quickest orgasm I had ever had… the humiliation was intense but I was past the point of caring.
Mistress clapped her hands, then, as hub wife began to breath deep…shouted “STOP” to hubwife. Reluctantly she stopped…and Mistress waited for his semi erection to subside before locking it away… frustration unbound! 
“To the loser…nothing” She said as the key turned securing the cage for another month. Poor hubwife I thought as I stood there my clit still dripping and shrinking to its tiny size. “Lick that mess up beccy, then you can have your real reward” She removed her hand from her panties and I noticed how moist her fingers were.
“Hubwife .. youre dismissed… make sure that bathroom is spotless! Off you go now.. I have some delightful things to do to beccy and your presence is not required…I want to put her through her paces.” ..and so with a wave of the hand hubwife was sent out..and Mistress turned to me.
“Come here beccy. Kneel here and lick My finger and know your Mistress”. I did not need to be told twice and fell at her feet..

Two minutes later my mind was reeling at what she had said was in store in the bedroom. Each detail had been described as I licked and sucked her fingers, each task and every aspect of obedience required had been laid out…and now…she was leading me on all fours, trailing her hand behind for me to follow the scent of her fingers through the bedroom door.

The door closed with a click and my fantasy became reality….

Ms Linda's sub beccy .... curtsy

My Sissies' Big Day

Today's a big day for hubwife and her sissy friend beccy.  I've been hubwife's key holder for more than four years now and beccy's for just over a month.  Having a key holder is all new to beccy.  She's been playing with chastity for awhile and is used to being locked up, but only on her terms.  Now it's on my terms.  That's quite different.

After a few minor bumps in the road when we first started, beccy's fallen into line pretty well.  In my
Look who's wearing garters today!
opinion it's time we take this to the next logical step.

What makes today special is that beccy will be visiting us here in our home late this afternoon and possibly joining us for dinner after her work and hubwife's work is done.

Hubwife and beccy are going to have some panties to wash and bathrooms to clean first.  It's all part of this new "arrangement" I've put together.  It goes like this...
  • Hubwife will no longer be tasked with hand washing my panties.  Instead, her focus will be on the washing of Amy's and syssy beccy's panties.
  • beccy on the other hand will be responsible for hand washing my panties as well as hubwife's panties.
  • sissy beccy will visit us once a week (usually Tuesdays) to complete her panty washing task and perform other domestic duties with hubwife.
  • beccy will also bring her weeks worth of worn panties for hubwife to tend to while she's here.
  • Once a month on average, one or both of them will be let out of their cages and possibly allowed to have an orgasm, the manner by which it occurs will be up to me.  
Today's the first time we do this. I'm looking forward to see how it works, or if it works at all.  I'm sure I'll have to tweak this some but eventually, the girls will get it right.

Wish them luck.

Miss L

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes is just common courtesy.  When someone does something nice for you or gives you a lovely gift, it only takes a moment or two to jot a quick not to show them your appreciation.

After pleasuring me and getting off on it herself, my babygirl Amy's panties were a soaking mess!  I decided that rather than go home wearing her very wet panties, she could "borrow" a pair of mine and leave her wet ones behind for hubwife to wash.  A few days later, hubwife delivered the freshly hand washed panties to Amy and returned with my panties that Amy had worn.

I consider entrusting the care of mine and Amy's panties to hubwife a privilege for which she should be very appreciative.  I know she appreciates being allowed to wash my panties, but I wanted to make sure she showed Amy the same type of appreciation.  So when hubwife delivered the clean panty to Amy, she included this note.

The panty washing exercise is now a full time thing.  Twice a week there's a "panty exchange" between hubwife and Amy.  Hubwife goes to the salon to pick up Amy's worn panties and delivers freshly washed and folded panties to her.   

Miss L

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Chasity - It's Serious Business

I think it's time you meet "beccy", my newest chastised submissive. 

As you can see, beccy takes her chastity seriously.

sub beccy

I also take her chastity seriously.

Click on the sub beccy caption under her picture to visit her Tumblr blog.

Miss L

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Loving with Care

It wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't care.

But I do care.

Hubwife's orgasms, or lack of them, is important to me.  I care about them.

If I were careless, it just wouldn't feel right.

Carelessness would throw our beautiful relationship into a state of chaos.

I hate chaos and so does hubwife.

Because of my caring attitude, I can't make love to her with the reckless abandon I used to.

My theory is that her four years in chastity has made her boi pussy more sensitive to my lady-cock.

De-sensitize one body part, another will make up for it. 

In addition, I'm a very good lover with my strap-on.

The last time I made love to her, I was amazed at how quickly she had her gurly orgasm.

The fact that she was lovingly locked in her chastity device didn't matter.

So now I'm more careful.

I have to be.

More than one orgasm a month for her just wouldn't be right.

Nobody likes chaos.

Ms. L

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Kinky Reunion, An Anniversary & My New Years Resolution

A Happy New Year to you all!  May 2019 bring everyone the joy and happiness we all seek in our own lives and the personal wherewithal to make others not as fortunate as us happy as well.  Enough with selfishness!

We spent last Saturday evening (and the wee hours of Sunday morning) reuniting with some kinky friends of ours who we hadn't seen in quite a long time.  The little reunion wasn't quite full of the debauchery of days past.  Rather, it was more socializing with a few sensual and kinky twists mixed in for fun!

I did feel pretty special among the group as the only Dominant Female there.  Hubwife was also unique among the "men" in attendance, but felt right at home with the other submissive women.

I think the highlight of the evening was hubwife showing off her chastity cage to everyone.  I'd told them all about it through correspondence but we hadn't seen any of them in person since hubwife got locked on January 1, 2015.  Even though it was a few days early, we did have a premature celebration of "our" 4th chastity anniversary as a couple.  It's something we are both very proud of.

The men in the group can't believe I've kept hubwife locked as much as I have (over 98% of the time), insist on a daily chastity report and allowed her so few orgasms.  The submissive women?  They're worried their dominant husbands might consider locking them up!

I did get a chance to put the lovely "Nikki" over my lap for a bare bottom spanking with a paddle her master supplied, this only after she'd begged long enough to be disciplined by me.  The begging made her pretty wet, the spanking even wetter :)

There were a few other overt displays of dominance and submission, including corner time for two of the submissives but a lovely evening ended with the promise that somehow we would get together again.

Looking back on 2018 I was a little disappointed that I let hubwife have so many orgasms, notwithstanding the opinion of the dominant men in attendance on Saturday, and resolved to improve upon my performance in 2019.  Last year I let the little slut have more than one orgasm per month as I originally intended.  This year will be different.  I'm going to do my best to hold her orgasm count to single digits, somewhere between 1 and 9.

Beccy, my other submissive in chastity, is off to a pretty decent start.   She's self locked herself and sealed the keys to her "pee pee" device (that's the name I gave it instead of "pepper pot") in an
envelope.  She's going to be visiting us in a couple of weeks to deliver the keys to me and we'll have an official "sealing ceremony" of all the keys.   Beccy's visit could lead to a few other intimacies if she's a good gurl.

I might have a little orgasm competition between beccy and hubwife in 2019!

Amy's orgasms?  The lovely Amy can have as many as she wants....for now.

Ms. L

Saturday, December 29, 2018

New Year, New Loves & New Locks

Where has 2018 gone?  Where have I been?  What's been going on anyway?

What better way to bring you up to date than to share the holiday letter I sent to my kinky neighbors to the north?  They're long time friends, people we've played with in the past and enjoyed some sensual intimacies.  Four married couples, three of them with the "traditional" male dominant and and hubwife :)  Enjoy.

Some names and places have been changed to protect people's privacy.

Belated Joyeux Noel & Bonne Annee to my Kinky Canadian Friends!

Ok...that's enough French for now, unless it's the kissing type :)
This Christmas greeting comes late but it's not really out of character for me.  I've always been the deliberate and patient one of the bunch haven't I?

We arrived in NYC yesterday and made our way up to my sister's in xxxx on Long Island by early evening.  We will be leaving tomorrow and taking the ferry across the sound into CT and will be driving up to xxxx.  Both of us are very excited to get together with you on Saturday in xxxx.  It's been how many years??? 
How is George at xxxxxx?  It would be nice to go back to one of his fetish nights if they are still having them.  I'm sure we would be the oldest of the  And the "xxxx" it still in operation?  Despite the fun we had at those parties, the weekends we spent with all of you were much more fun and intimate.  We were so fortunate to have met you all!

And Karl?  When will you ever use that winter home you bought in xxxx?  It's only 2 hours from our place in the xxxx section of xxxx!  

This has been a wonderful year for us in sunny southern xxxx.  The family continues to "grow"....xxxx's twins turned two last October and they are a handful.  xxxxs little girl celebrated her first birthday in December and she broke the news to us on Christmas that baby number two is on the way...Due date is July 8!  I may be a grandma but I don't feel very contraire!
On a bit of a down note Paul, my lover of 4+ years, took a job at xxxx in Los Angeles in September.  We had a lovely weekend together (the three of us) before he departed and though we've stayed in touch have not been together since he left.  His departure was difficult and obviously left a void that Terrie cannot possibly fill (even if I allowed it) but somehow I've survived.
But for every door that closes, there always seems to be another one, two or in this case, even three that open.
Let me start with Door #1.  We are now the proud co-owners of a hair salon!  No, I haven't changed careers and though she's not fully practicing any more, neither has Terrie.  It's a long story as to how this all came about, but the short of it is that I decided to help my hairdresser (Amy) and her husband purchase a salon in xxxx.  The salon basically pays for itself.  During the summer months we break even but the fall and winter months are very busy seasons. 

Door #2 is equally exciting, but far more sexciting!  It's about hairdresser.  We're an "item" in, lovers.  With Paul's departure I had all this spare time on my hands!  What better way to fill it than with a lovely 30-something MILF.....and yes, I do fuck her as often as we can get together.  Her husband Don doesn't know about the little thing we have going.  Amy knows all about Terrie, how she's my "wife", the chastity, etc.  It's a nice little arrangement for now and Amy makes a wonderful submissive.  I've attached a picture of her.  A selfie she took just for me.  Don't you love those lips?
Door #3 is something very new for me...two submissives in chastity.  I'll get right to the point.  I am now the keyholder for one of Terrie's sissy gurlfriends.  beccy is a very attractive submissive CD who just happens to also be in the medical field.  I gave Terrie permission to meet her for coffee and you know me, I just couldn't help but stic my nose into their business and the next thing you know, beccy and me hit it off real well and I decided that, what's one more sissy in chastity to take control of?  I will officially become beccy's keyholder on January 1, 2019 which just happens to be Terrie's fourth chastity anniversary!  I won't officially lock her on January 1.  beccy will do the honors herself, send me a picture of her locked up along with pictures of the two keys in sealed signed envelops.  She will deliver one of the envelopes to me in mid January.  We shall see how it goes :)  beccy's picture is attached as well.  Not bad eh? 
Of course, Terrie is taking all this like the good sissy cuckold wife that she is.  My love for her continues to grow each day, as does her devotion to me :)  Terrie is also looking forward to spending time with the other girls in when we're in Burlington.  I should have brought a maids outfit for the trip.  I'm sure we can find something for her to wear if time
I cc'd the lovely Nicole on this email since Mark is the only Dominant who seems to allow his submissive to receive  I hope "nikki" is doing well and if the opportunity presents itself, I certainly wouldn't mind having her over my lap for one sound spanking just for old time's sake! 
Karl & John...if Celine and Sue are giving you any problems, I'd be happy to offer the same service at no charge!
Looking forward to seeing you all so very soon!
Linda & Terrie

So there you have it.  These pages have been a little dark and quiet.  Me?  I've been keeping myself busy.

Stay tuned.  I plan to enjoy my babygirl Amy very much and 2019 and I take my key holder responsibility very, very seriously

Ms. L

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We'll Never Know.....

Had a conversation with a male submissive last week sometime about the long term effects of male chastity.  This particular submissive is rather well endowed and I made the following comment:

"Not all submissive CD's deserve to be locked in chastity.  You're exhibit A."
He tried to dismiss my flattery, playing like he didn't know what I meant but he wasn't very successful.  He took pleasure in my comment and I could tell he was as proud as a peacock!
He not-so-innocently asked "Why?"

My response was that "Long term chastity causes atrophy of the penis."  I went on to tell him that it might be a waste if his own penis would suffer from that fate. 

Specifically, I said "I wouldn't want that to happen to yours."

He had a rather interesting response:
"I'm not sure that really happens - at least not long term, from what I've read. It might temporarily, but once unlocked for a while it returns to it's original state."
Our discussion went on from there.  I know a little bit about human physiology, more than most people, but other than my own first-hand experience with hubwife, don't have much data or experience with long term chastity.  I mentioned to the submissive that the operative words in his premise were "once unlocked for a while."

There's some truth to his hypothesis.  I suppose if a penis that has been locked up for a long time is set free and not put back in the cage, eventually it will be able to have a full erection again.  At the same time, while a host of other factors come into play, there's likely to be a "point-of-no-return" where a man's penis will never regain what's been lost.

Hubwife's been locked up since January 1, 2015 (actually, she was locked on New Year's Eve before we went to a party), just about full time; more than 99% of the time if you're interested. When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st of 2018, hubwife will be beginning her fifth year of chastity.

I suppose I could unlock her and keep her that way for a reasonable amount of time to see how long it might take for her to have full erections (full for her, they were never very impressive) again.  But I have no intentions of doing that.

I guess we'll just never know :)

Miss L